Eco friendly houses- tottenham estates

Eco Friendly Houses

Global climate change is the biggest environmental challenge of our generation.

The changing climate affects every living being in a broad variety of ways, as it alters rainfall, influences crop yields, affects human health, causes changes to forests and other ecosystems, and even impacts our energy supply.

Governments and individuals from all around the world are beginning to understand that this is the end of the line and that we must urgently do something about it in order to stop this catastrophic domino effect.

One of the actions we must take among others is the task of building eco-friendly houses as they are designed and built with materials and technology that reduces their carbon footprint.

The benefits of an eco-house are many.

They have minimal heating costs.

They are built from harmful free materials.

Their heat recovery system can eliminate dampness and the moulds that are so often a health hazard.

The air intake filters prevent dust coming in with the incoming fresh air and the internal vacuum cleaner system extracts dust from the house and vents.

As you can imagine eco-houses is the solution of the future for the well-being of our planet, as they build with the philosophy to reduce our environmental footprint.

To live more simply, to minimize energy costs with clever choices while at the same time being in a space where you love to spend your time is a luxury fit for everyone.

These eco-friendly houses have a truly inspired design and give us a taste of how the future is going to look like.