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Facility owners suffer without facility management

It’s true, in the modern day facility management is no longer a luxury of the rich- rather it is a core necessity of every company with assets that comprise of facilities and staff. Whether you think this is a good or bad thing, it’s a fact; it is simply unavoidable for a myriad of reasons.

Firstly, you may already know that there are set legal requirements of facility management and when starting an enterprise (such as in property) there is a big risk of not meeting facility requirements (which are often complex) and incurring substantial fines.

If you didn’t already know, if the conditions of a property are not up to a certain standard tenants can with-hold rent! This causes a lot of problems for you, as you take the tenant to court to get your rent. Through the service of Adelfia though, our facility managers will dramatically mitigate the risk of this ever occurring by ensuring that standards are up to scratch. This can happen in offices as well!

If that’s not enough, your facilities are your most valuable asset. Here at Adelfia our facility managers have the expert knowledge to exponentially increase the value of your facilities while keeping costs down!

How you present yourself and your company is what forms your corporate image, when people think of your company they think of your facilities- which if in disarray will not reflect well.

Again, if you’re not getting the message yet- facility management matters! It does, it can be the difference between an efficient and smoothly running office block, with no problems and satisfied clients; and an inefficient office block, struggling to attract business.

Hiring Adelfia will ensure that all your facilities are run smoothly and efficiently- if anything goes wrong you won’t need to worry about finding builders, electricians etc. to fix it, you won’t have to spend hours poring over the yellow pages, squinting to find that one man who can do it cheap. If anything goes wrong Adelphia will be right there, with our experienced facility managers to deal with the problem as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Thus businesses suffer without facility management- don’t believe me?

Google it.

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